“touch up”

I was beginning to worry we may not have one, but today we found the floor! It feels so good to walk through the house without tripping over cardboard boxes and plastic bins. We filled 20 Hefty black bags with junk. TWENTY. Sorry, taxpayers, for paying to ship all that stuff here. We’re hoping to … Continue reading

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peace pace

Whelp, I’m wiped. Our Saturday got started relatively early. We had to get up for a seven o’clock Hoosier tip off! Indiana ran circles around Minnesota while the #1 ranked Duke lost to #20, NC State. Wahoo! During halftime, we took Charlie boy back to the beach for a morning swim. He is the best … Continue reading


lucky day

Today began with a rare rainbow sighting. Well, I guess they aren’t so rare here; rainbows are like clouds on Oahu. I think we’ve seen at least a partial one every day now. This morning we drove under a FULL one – that has to be lucky, right?! We think so. Why? Because we diffinitely … Continue reading



St. Anthony, St. Anthony, please come down. Something is lost and can’t be found. Well, not lost, stolen. Up until my new iPhone was stolen at the gym this evening, the most exciting events of the day had been: 1) finding a house on post that looked just like Roxy’s home in the Lifetime show … Continue reading

Dinner / Random


We landed in Honolulu tonight right in schedule at 5:35pm. This picture is right outside our gate in the terminal. Yep, the open air terminal. Cool! Well, actually hot. Our dry, scaly, Arizona skin sucked up the humidity immediately. It was a loonnnng 8 1/2 hour totally erect flight to Honolulu from Dallas. The flight … Continue reading