lucky day

Today began with a rare rainbow sighting. Well, I guess they aren’t so rare here; rainbows are like clouds on Oahu. I think we’ve seen at least a partial one every day now. This morning we drove under a FULL one – that has to be lucky, right?!

We think so. Why? Because we diffinitely got lucky today. We decided to inquire about a rental property just steps from the beach in our ideal location … and UNDER budget. We had previously ignored the listing because it only accepted 20lb dogs. Our dog is more than 4x that amount! For whatever reason (maybe some divine luck) we thought ‘what the hey! why not just ask?’ Ladies and gents, it never hurts to make a bad offer. We called to “ask a few questions” but mostly to just feel the owner out on a large dog. Not only did she not seem to mind that Charlie is a small horse, she drove from the opposite side of the island, against traffic, to show us the rental tonight!

It exceeded our expectations so we have submitted an application. The owner mentioned that there are several other applicants. Looks like we might need some double luck to seal the deal.


I know this post has nothing to do with health, food, or fitness, but sometimes we all need a lucky break. đŸ˜‰

Tune in tomorrow though – I’ll share the details of a killer total body strength workout with you. I’m already starting to feel some severe delayed onset muscle soreness. Ouch.

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