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Secret Recipe & Secret Wars

I stuck to aformentioned the game-plan today and made four loaves of my late Grandmother Harriet’s hand-me-down pumpkin bread. Sorry, I can’t give out the recipe because she would definitely find out. In fact, I’m sure she’s been watching me all day just to make sure I kept her secrets close to home. I am also positive she got a good laugh out of watching me lick every utensil covered in pumpkin batter before clean up.

Tell me you wouldn’t do the same with batter that looks this good. Cross my heart that I didn’t contaminate anything!
Batter to Bread in 45 minutes.

Aside from first time bread making, I got to do an up-tempo 8 mile run, followed by a short push-up/ab routine. I admit I was feeling pretty good thinking about making that pumpkin bread the whole dang time. Nothing like 3 cups of sugar (that’s only one ingredient, Grandma) to motivate a quicker pace! Another motivator was this older guy – maybe 70 – who runs … I mean really runs, for 90 minutes every day. Today I happened to be on the treadmill next to him. Even though he was there before I got there and still going when I left, I was determined to at least keep pace.

Working out is a huge mental hurdle. Just like it is very common to eat when you’re bored, it is equally as common to quit workouts early because you’re bored – not because your out of steam. I know. I’ve done it million times. I find positive self-talk and little silly challenges like “I will keep pace with grandpa” to be extremely helpful. The gym is a great place to compete with the unassuming patrons without their knowledge. The best part about it is you ALWAYS have the upper hand.

During your next tough workout, choose a target (for me, grandpa) and make up a war game to beat them at your own workout, whatever it is. The best feeling? To finish a workout stronger than you started. As little as bumping up the speed just .1 on the treadmill does the trick. Finishing strong can be really empowering!

This would be a great place for a strong finish, huh?

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