For Fun


We’re six months in! That doesn’t even seem possible. Then again, we’ve basically re-built a house. Here’s what we’ve been up to:


Closed on our first home! Also known as the ‘calm before the storm.’


DIY demolition with my Mom


God bless my Aunt and cousin for helping to clean


Water heater bites dust, must be relocated from crawl space to garage



Hired team to apply fire restoration-grade primer eliminate nicotine odor & stains.

Can of butts, keepsake from previous owner.


Wall removal & hardwood installation


Mold & moisture remediation in crawl space (and air ducts yuck!)



Paint & electrical rehab with my in-laws


French drain installation, because why wouldn’t we need this too?


Bathroom face lift, learned how to replace a sub-floor and tile



Daniel runs new cable line in preparation for college football


Boys weekend for baseboards, wainscoting, ceiling fans and hardware replacement courtesy of Daniel, my dad, brother, and brother-in-law



All air ducts had to be replaced (OMG, make it stop)

Locally built furniture delivered in September (Oooo, finally something fun!)



Wood pecker & gutter rehab



Fireplace conversion from gas to wood-burning






Landscaping and painting the house white!



Despite insanity at our house, we’ve managed to fit in some social time with old and new friends. Awesomely, everyone’s other half is SO cool. Hooray for couple friends!

One of my best friends (from ELEMENTARY school in Michigan) who I hadn’t seen in 18 years lives less than 2 miles away. Now instead of playing My Little Ponies, we’re enjoying spin classes, vegan breakfasts, goblets of wine, and book club!

I have also reconnected with a friend from high school. Randomly, our moms are best friends back in Nashville. Although we’re just now starting to spend a lot more time together, we’ve pretty much known everything about each other’s lives over the last 10 years. 🙂

Also, my sister from Indiana lives here. Wait, what? Oh, sorority sister! The universe came through in a BIG way by pulling Caitlin and I back together. Anchor’s away! She’s even gotten me hooked up with a group of incredible ladies through her cooking club. Caitlin featured below as brussel sprouts and a deliciously creamy & tangy dip below. I’m the quinoa.

In the way of brand new friendships we made fast friends with our realtor – how fun! -and her husband. Sadly, no photos. We’ve also been spending lots of time getting to know (and goofing off with!!) a couple who Daniel met through work.

Needless to say, Charlotte has been good to us so far. Looking forward to halting home projects for a while and investing more time in these friends.


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