Tuna Talk
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Tuna Talk

Everyone’s got their favorite food and mine happens to be tuna. Raw, seared, baked, broiled, battered, blackened, or canned. If it weren’t for the mercury (and the price!) I’d have it daily. Two of my favorite preparations are sashimi style over sweet, sticky Japanese rice or blackened and seared rare with cilantro and pickled ginger. … Continue reading

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So far, the menu this week has been 50/50 in terms of success. On Sunday night I attempted to broil a top sirloin steak. I overcooked it; I now know it would’ve been done perfectly in six minutes (when I originally removed it from the oven.) I second-guessed myself and put it back in for … Continue reading

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Going Primal

The Lenten Season is upon us! I try my best to choose something to give up every year that is a ‘sacrifice.’ I use the word sacrifice losely because it seems a little presumptuous to assert that giving up chocolate or Starbucks is a sacrifice, particularly when there are people all over the world who … Continue reading