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We landed in Honolulu tonight right in schedule at 5:35pm. This picture is right outside our gate in the terminal. Yep, the open air terminal. Cool! Well, actually hot. Our dry, scaly, Arizona skin sucked up the humidity immediately.

It was a loonnnng 8 1/2 hour totally erect flight to Honolulu from Dallas. The flight was long for a couple reasons: for one, the woman to my left has some serious gastrointestinal issues pretty much the whole flight. Just when I thought I was safe … nope. Also, American Airlines managed to run out of food for the coach class with 3 hours to go (which was precisely when Daniel and I planned to snack.) Go figure. We were pretty dang hungry when we arrived but even more anxious to check into our mystery apartment/hotel that will be our temporary home.

We had heard very mixed reviews on the place – some were okay, but most were terrible. We had to be optimistic though because it is the only place on Daniel’s government approved hotel list that allows dogs as large as Charlie. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a large cat family right outside the front office door. Comforting.

It’s hard to tell how many are there in the photo, but take my word for it, there were more than enough. At least maybe we won’t have a mouse problem! But we may have a laundry problem…
The two bedroom “suite” conditions are marginally better than RV camping … in a super old RV. But we aren’t discouraged because it has nice cold air-conditioning and, with a bit of Clorox with bleach, we will be allll right! Something about being on the island makes a dingy apartment way more tolerable. I think the foil is a nice touch.
After assessing the space, we were ravenous. What better way to celebrate our homecoming than with sushi!?! Siri helped us locate Kuru Kuru sushi with four out of five stars and within walking distance to from our hotel. It was absolutely packed when we got there and, I kid you not, Daniel and I were the only two Caucasian people in the joint. Must be legit! We waited a painful 40 minutes, but it was sooo worth it.

The expanding rice in my stomach is making me sleepy, so I better get some rest!


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