All I Want for Christmas …

… is to figure out how to watch the IU basketball games in Hawaii without our Direct TV package. As I mentioned yesterday, Daniel and I could be living in a hotel for up to two months; it’s highly unlikely that the dumpy efficiency we’ve booked is going to have the Big Ten Network. Any suggestions?

No. 1

One of my best friends in the whole wide world made this cookie. I’m sure it tasted pretty good along with the big W over Ball State tonight: 101-53. Hail to old IU ….. IU!

While watching the basketball game I had the opportunity to heckle my father-in-law for his pouring skills. I LOVE foam. On my cafe mistos from Starbucks. Not so much into 4 inches of head on my beer, however.

Father-in-law’s ‘frothy’ beer

Eventually, Daniel was ready for another beer. I decided it would be nice of me to pour it for him; the ulterior motive was that I’d soon be able to rub it in my father-in-law’s face. Below is what you call K-A-R-M-A.

self incrimination

After shutting up about the beer and finishing the game, we curled up to watch It’s a Wonderful Life. Now that Clarence has his wings, maybe he can help us out with the Big Ten Network?!

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