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sleeping on the job

This is a moving day I can get into. Bobby came solo at 8:30 this morning to start wrapping and packing our things. We basically just showed him what not to pack and then got out of the way. We do have to be at the house, though, so that leaves little to do except cook (and nap).

I experimented with miniature sausage mac & cheese cups which Daniel seemed to enjoy for a mid-morning snack.


It’s also customary to provide a meal for the movers. I asked Bobby if he had any dietary restrictions and told him, “we could order pizza or I could make somethi…” I hadn’t even finish my sentence before he blurted, “if you want to cook then I’ll eat whatever it is. We have pizza all the time.” Hahaha I wish I had a picture of his face as he said it – so helpless, I could tell he was politely pleading with me not to order pizza for the third job in a row this week. Now I really couldn’t stoop to delivery.

I had already thought about making him something, of course, so I knew I had enough leftover cheese and noodles to throw together a small batch of legitimate macaroni and cheese. I set out a fresh loaf of pumpkin bread along with a fruit salad made with the last of our apples, bananas, and oranges. Bobby was very grateful for the home cooking; he is even going to take the last loaf of pumpkin bread home for his girls! YES. Maybe I can pawn off our “gently used” bags of flour and chips too. Maybe…

One thought on “sleeping on the job

  1. Please don’t leave the continental US of A. My heart is already aching knowing you’ll be so far away…… Cell Phone service still works the same right?! haha maybe dumb question 🙂 LOVES YOU!

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