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Hi and welcome to candlefit

My name is Abbey. In the last seven years my husband, Daniel, and I have lived in Indiana, Arizona, Hawaii, California, and now North Carolina where we intend stay. 

I write primarily about faith, fitness, and food – occasionally about something else entirely. Those posts are just for fun. 

What’s the deal with candles? In large part, they represent faith. Candles have long been used to symbolize the presence of Christ in our lives. They have another significance to me, though. Growing up, my mom always lit candles for family dinner. Now, in our house, food and candles just go together.

Favorite verse: Whenever trouble comes your way, let it be an opportunity for joy. For when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow. For when your endurance develops, you will be strong in character and ready for anything. -James 1:2-4

Favorite candle scent: if subtlety was a scent, that would be my favorite. Less is more, people. 

When it comes to fitness, I go through phases – from high intensity cardio, to endurance, to weight focused, to plain old low impact walking. I dabbled in personal training for a short time, and these days, I’m enjoying “maintenance” mode over peak performance. 

Favorite workout right now: 4-7 mile run plus pushups and abs

Favorite gizmos: Fitbit Charge 2 & old school Garmin Forerunner watch 

Regarding food, I’m no gourmet chef, but I think about food A LOTand I like to experiment in the kitchen. 

Favorite foods: quinoa, avocado, eggs … also peanut butter, obvi.

Least favorite foods: cream cheese, sour cream, olives … also mayo. 

Favorite FoodNetwork show: The Kitchen

Thanks for stopping by!

13 thoughts on “Hi there!

  1. I’m excited to follow your food and fitness blog!!!! We have enjoyed making some pretty healthy meals ourselves and look forward to seeing your and adding to our collection:) If you have any meals that will run FOR me too, that would be great!!!
    Hope you are loving life and are excited about December!
    Love you! Stacey

  2. Abbey,

    I love reading your blog! Keep posting your updates on FB so I know to follow. Your writing style is great and I often find myself giggling at the things you’ve said! Great and creative meals! Thanks!

    • Thanks for reading, Lacy! It’s been fun to document a little of our lives, and a lot about FOOD. Hope you’re enjoying all the details of getting your new house set up! That’s so exciting. Can’t wait for pictures.


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  4. Abbey, you started my morning out with a smile to see that “candlefit” is alive and well! Speaking of Thanksgiving, I too have been thinking of last year’s Thanksgiving, and our memorable visit with you and Daniel in Arizona; your dinner was fabulous, complete with candles on the table. Sounds like you and Daniel were raised similarly in regard to having a proper dinner time experience. Greg always made us all sit for Sunday dinner at the dining room table and behave appropriately (picture Daniel and Andrea in grade school and middle school). At first I thought it was silly, but it quickly became natural for us to ask to be excused, “would you like more tea”, “I dropped my salad fork” but only once a week. All other meals came with typical whining and odd hour participation. Now I see Andrea, with Danny, starting their own family dinner tradition. I think the McKay and Johnson family know that it’s important to gather together, behave properly, and eventually come to look forward to it, because there are tons of excuses not to do so in this busy fast paced world we live in.

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