Moody Monday

Moody Monday

Remember the other night when I mentioned it was chilly? By chilly I meant freezing. When you’re used to the sweltering summer days here, anything below 79 seems nippy, and anything below 69 is downright cold. It’s been in the low 60s at night for the last few days, which for most of you reading … Continue reading

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Ketchup is one of the condiments that I’ve recently developed a palate for. Unfortunately, it’s not paleo. Instead of eating ketchup, I’m playing ‘ketchup’ tonight. Bad joke. I won’t recap my days at work (which have been totally fun, and challenging, and exhausting, and revitalizing, and did I mention exhausting?). I will, however, give a … Continue reading

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workout like a seal

Holy soreness. After tough workouts we often experience something called DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness.) DOMS is the hurt-so-good phenomenon your muscles feel about 24-48 hours post-strenuous exercise – especially weight bearing exercises. Well I can tell you there is nothing delayed about the soreness I am currently enduring. Today I worked out with an … Continue reading

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peace pace

Whelp, I’m wiped. Our Saturday got started relatively early. We had to get up for a seven o’clock Hoosier tip off! Indiana ran circles around Minnesota while the #1 ranked Duke lost to #20, NC State. Wahoo! During halftime, we took Charlie boy back to the beach for a morning swim. He is the best … Continue reading