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workout like a seal

Holy soreness.

After tough workouts we often experience something called DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness.) DOMS is the hurt-so-good phenomenon your muscles feel about 24-48 hours post-strenuous exercise – especially weight bearing exercises. Well I can tell you there is nothing delayed about the soreness I am currently enduring. Today I worked out with an expert Personal Trainer to build my repertoire of training exercises for future clients. We spent about an hour working with TRX Suspension straps.

'feel the burn' bands

‘feel the burn’ bands

TRX suspension training was designed by US Navy Seals who needed ‘on the go’ travel-friendly workout equipment. Apparently I can’t hang with the Seals … at least not without wining about my shredded triceps, back, and shoulders.

Because I can feel my constricted triceps as I type, I’m a huge fan of TRX already. Not only is it a fun way to incorporate strength training into your workouts, you look pretty flipping cool while doing it. And I’ll do anything to look cool. But here’s the thing: DON’T PRETEND LIKE YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING. Definitely not cool, and it’s simply unsafe. If your gym has suspension training equipment, just ask a pro if they can instruct you on proper form and range of motion. Then you’ll quickly become addicted and be doing the exercises on your own. Oh … and before you start, you may want to invest in a body cast. I didn’t get that memo.

Some of the perks/benefits of body weight training with TRX equipment:

1. increases metabolic efficiency
2. promotes fat loss by building lean body mass (basically helps turn fatty mass into muscle mass)
3. engages core in every exercise meaning you get sculpted abs without doing crunches! YAY.
4. fun way to pump up heart rate and get your sweat on
5. can be modified (easier/harder) to challenge ALL fitness levels and age ranges
6. minimal equipment requirement – this is great because you don’t waste time trying to find free weights and machines required for other types of strength training

Today’s Exercises:

1. Squat to Row: total body
2. Single-lep squat to row, contralateral (opposite leg/arm): total body
3. Single-leg squat to row, ipsilateral (same side leg/arm): total body
4. Chest press: chest
5. Letter A: triceps and lats
6. Letter T: upper back
7. Letter I: shoulders
8. Low row: back

I’m off to pound some water and hit the pillow.

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