Moody Monday

Remember the other night when I mentioned it was chilly? By chilly I meant freezing. When you’re used to the sweltering summer days here, anything below 79 seems nippy, and anything below 69 is downright cold. It’s been in the low 60s at night for the last few days, which for most of you reading this would consider that a perfect fall evening. But you try setting your thermostat to 61 degrees at night and see how you like it. The lowest I go even in a hotel where the electric is “free” and the blankets are plush is 67. Let’s just say I haven’t slept much the past couple nights because Jack Frost has been nipping at my nose …and my toes. Not tonight though – I am in fluffy socks, long pants, and a sweater plus two blankets.

What’s that? You don’t feel sorry for me? I wouldn’t either, but I do feel sorry for Daniel because what I don’t get in sleep I make up for in attitude; I had a moody Monday for sure. That’s why tonight I went for a mind, body, and attitude adjustment at a local yoga co-op that runs purely on donations. I knew it existed, but I guess I needed confirmation that it was worth and hour and a half of my evening to go. My new friends, Alex and Lacey encouraged me to come check it out with them tonight.

Meet my super limber friends! I, though, am timber.

Meet my super limber friends! I, though, am timber.

They are a couple of good yogis! I, on the other hand, am about as flexible as the Tin Man and as focused as a butterfly. All I could think about was how I wanted to snap a picture of the entire room – probably 40-50 people –  in downward dog, but since yoga is apparently a spiritual experience (I have yet to feel be dazzled by this concept) I decided that might be inappropriate to have the flash go off while in such compromising positions. Even still, I enjoyed it a lot despite not being able to sit up straight with my legs crossed Indian-style. I’ll get there one day! After we were released from our mats, all I was able to photograph was a few lingerers at the front of the room. Oh well! Namaste.

yogi's who don't mind the front rows! Notice how far away I am fron them?

yogi’s who don’t mind the front rows! Notice how far away I am from them.

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