lime pie sunday

I can’t believe I was going to forget! My dad texted me this morning letting me know that ‘Lime Pie Sunday’ had already commenced back home – turns out their world doesn’t just cease to exist when I’m not around. Weird. I must say I’ve been getting a little homesick watching Facebook flash pictures of … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Eve

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! It’s been quite a busy couple days – I wasn’t able to post anything yesterday because we forgot to pay the internet bill so, yeah, no internet. I swear we’re responsible adults. I suppose I could’ve posted from my phone over some 4Gs, but truthfully, I was tired and not that upset … Continue reading

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Stocking Up

Today marks the start of Thanksgiving week. This year, on our first wedded Thanksgiving, Daniel and I are hosting his parents. We are so excited about their first visit to our (rental) home in Arizona! My biggest contribution to Thanksgiving meals in the past has been finishing off the left-over green beans and pumpkin bread. … Continue reading

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Saturday Rewind

Where did yesterday go?! I’m rewinding through the day’s events. It was midnight when I wrote this but my internet was being dumb so couldn’t upload it till this morning (Sunday). Anyway, Daniel and I were relaxing with episode after episode of House Hunters and House Hunters International. We had just returned from an evening … Continue reading