lime pie sunday

I can’t believe I was going to forget! My dad texted me this morning letting me know that ‘Lime Pie Sunday’ had already commenced back home – turns out their world doesn’t just cease to exist when I’m not around. Weird. I must say I’ve been getting a little homesick watching Facebook flash pictures of my parents, sister, future-brother-in law, brother, and his girlfriend celebrating the holidays in their sweaters and jackets. Anyway, Lime Pie Sunday is a BIG deal – everyone participates. Period.

The anniversary of Lime Pie Sunday is celebrated on the Sunday before Christmas. Like the thanksgiving pumpkin bread, this equally decadent pie recipe happens to come from my dad’s side. I actually don’t know the story of how this frozen dessert came to be a wintery tradition. I think someone just wanted an excuse to dye something christmas-tree green. Why not something you can eat?

Even though I shamefully had to be reminded of this special day, Daniel and I recovered quickly. And without a mixer! We picked up a bag of limes, a mixing bowl, a three dollar whisk, and made it happen. The only thing is … our pie is going to look a little, well, albino this year. First of all, the store was a MADHOUSE so naturally they were out of chocolate pie crusts; we made out with a pale shortbread crust. Secondly, somehow we managed to leave without grabbing the green food coloring. So, yeah, we’ll be having Blonde Lime Pie, if you will.

I'm a mean whisker

I’m a mean whiskin’ machine

team work

team work

What better way to complete the colorless occasion than with some white russians?

go ahead, take a sip

go ahead, take a sip

One thought on “lime pie sunday

  1. Hmmm, thinking this is a tradition your DOD cooked up tho it smacks of a tactic OUR father might use–any excuse for pie! The “traditions” I remember most about frozen lime pie were that it always went in a dented-up aluminum pie tin and it was really hard to hide the evidence when we snitched the chocolate wafers for the crust. Happy Holidays to you and Daniel and best wishes for starting new traditions all your own.

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