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Blessed Holiday!

Daniel and I participated in an annual Turkey Trot this morning. We got 1st and 2nd place overall! Okay, this time it was just the two of us out enjoying a couple laps around the hood, but we kept a respectable pace as if we were actual bibbed runners.

After all the hype leading up to today’s meal, I guess you’re wondering how it went. It was fantastic, but the company around the table was even better! We even ate at 5:15 – not bad for not having a clue how long everything would take to cook. What was the most surprising event of the day? Our 12.59lb turkey only took 1hr and 40mins to roast! I had heard brining sped the cooking process, but I wasn’t expecting that fast. The only mishap of the day? The turkey guide I followed said to cook the bird breast-side down for 30 minutes on 500 degrees. I may or may not have charred the back side because the rack was arranged too close to the top of the oven. Whoops! When I realized we were heading toward an inadvertent blackened turkey, I just lowered the rack a level and turned the oven temperature down to 350 degrees (per the instructions). So the Turkey may not have been cover-photo qualified as I had hoped it would be, it was as juicy as the Petraeus gossip. Too soon? But seriously, it was the most tender roasted turkey I’ve ever eaten – and what flavor! If you’ve never brined a turkey before, put it on your bucket list. I don’t know if I’ll ever try anything else.

green beans and turkey – ‘crispy’ side not pictured

After 25 minutes of resting, Daniel was given carving duty instructed by his dad.

father-son carving tutorial

a juicy breast … tee-hee

While the boys were busy, Daniel’s mom, Reny, and I got all the other dishes out on display. I don’t know how it happened, but I missed a close up of the purple mashed potatoes. There are a TON of left-overs so there will no doubt be another photo opportunity. With the exception of mashed potatoes, this was the spread:

the spread

From left to right:
1) oven-warmed dinner rolls

2) Langranja 360 wine

3) fruit salad

walnuts, bananas, navel oranges, fuji apples, grape halves

4) mashed thyme and garlic purple potatoes (image on it’s way…)

5) turkey

look at the beautiful platter – wedding gift!

6) home-made cranberry sauce and store-bought ham

7) slow-cooked green beans

all day bean pot

8) apple, cranberry, pork sausage stuffing

This was a hit – so simple too!

9) pumpkin bread & condiments: onion, butter, and gravy (Daniel’s mom, Reny made the gravy which is sinfully good!)

the chopped onions went missing from the picture…

We gathered ’round the little table fitted with a candle, said our prayers, gave thanks, and then hit the bar to load up. All-in-all, our FIRST Thanksgiving as a married couple was fabulous and successful.

After a day full of football and good eats, Thanksgiving is a time when millions of families across the country curl up on the couch to enjoy a Christmas movie – finally! Millions, but not ours. Nope, we stuffed our bellies and digested over 3 episodes from the series, Band of Brothers. According to Daniel, it’s one of the most accurately portrayed depictions of the 101st Airborne Division’s experience in World War II ever made. According to me, it’s devastating, gruesome, and undoubtably heroic. Since Thanksgiving is an  American holiday, I suppose I can see why the display of unbelievable patriotism in Band of Brothers made it an appropriate selection for today. That said, I wouldn’t have objected to the handsome George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life

So, what I am most thankful for this year? My husband and the merging of our families. I want to thank all of the hands and hearts that went into putting together a fantastic October wedding for us – it was so special! I am so fortunate for the blessing of such generous & selfless parents, siblings, in-laws and friends.

Hey, and thank YOU for reading. I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving. God Bless!

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    I have decided NOT to re-invent the wheel this Thanksgiving. In preparation for the big day, I needed to consult my menu from last year, and while doing so decided that it is time I came back to the press. There have been so many changes this year and I am excited to share them with you soon! For now, I am going to dream about my grocery list…

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