Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Daniel!!! 29, how does it feel? Daniel is about three and a half years older that me, but we have a little joke that each year he is aging at a faster pace so that when he turns 60 I’ll still be in my 30’s. Even if that’s not the case, maybe I’ll look like it with this new anti-aging product, Nerium; my friend Lauren is going to let me sample over Thanksgiving. In the six hours it takes me to cook the bird, she assures me I will look six years younger which, for me will be great, but it might pose a problem for Daniel. I think it’s frowned upon for twenty-nine year olds to be seen with twelve year old (looking) girls…

Daniel’s birthday was quite a busy one! We woke up early to get to the gym before mass followed by visiting 4 open houses – yes, we are thinking about buying a place here. This is one we particularly liked today, and the little porch owl is for you, Clarisa!

We then headed to the movie theater to see Catching Fire which turned out to be pretty disappointing because there were more clueless and restless children in the theater (younger than Katniss’s sister Prim) than there were adults. The saving grace was that we were with our friends Kirk and Jonathan. Jonathan was one of, if not my very first, friend when I moved to Tennessee in the 6th grade. We did most of our growing up together, and it just so happens that he is doing a rotation for his Physical Therapy program out on Oahu! Crazy how the world works, huh? Kirk happens to be the husband, of the aforementioned Nerium queen who had to stay home with their son tonight. Bummer! Anyway, Jonathan and Kirk are both wrestlers so they had lots in common – they even had mutual acquaintances despite having grown up in Tennessee and Iowa, respectively. Weird.

UNC Swag!!

UNC Swag!!

After Daniel stepped on a little squirt’s gum as we exited the zoo, I mean, the theater, we polished the evening off with some juicy Outback steaks. Daniel refused to open his present in public which was surprising because just last year he took it upon himself to inform our waiter that it was his birthday. Haha! Oh well, I guess the closer you get to 30, the less exciting that announcement becomes. I wouldn’t know though, being twelve and all. Either way, I was able to get him to open his presents at home. Finally some UNC apparel! Now he’s official. And I am officially pooped. Goodnight!

*Coincidence of the day: I realized after I left the house this morning that I had unconsciously picked out the exact same outfit that I wore on Daniel’s birthday last year. The only reason I know this is because I have photo documentation from last year’s dinner! Who knows, maybe it’ll become a birthday tradition.

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