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Season’s Greetings!

It’s that time again. I regret it has been nearly eight months – eight! – since I have made any noise on my blog. Lame. Does it count that I’ve been thinking about re-establishing the daily updates since August? Not likely.

I was re-reading my posts from thanksgiving last year because I desperately need to make a grocery list for the sequel to last year’s Thanksgiving dinner. To do so I had to consult my very thorough notes from then. OMG – what was I thinking? I freaking went ALL out … amateur mistake. Now that’s the expectation.

Here I am six days before the cook-a-thon and I have nothing but canned green beans – I’m not sure why I panicked and bought green beans two weeks early. I think Costco has enough cases of them to last until we move back to the mainland. Anyway, I have a long grocery list to tackle in the next couple of days, but these army wives are giving me anxiety. I tell you they all shop like eight weeks in advance and post warnings all over Facebook about how the island is running out of food so “you better have already gotten everything you need.” Daniel, we might be eating sticks of butter for Thanksgiving. Oh wait, this just in – a status update from the Schofield Barracks Army Wives Facebook Page: island is out of butter.           MAYDAY! (I just found out that this distress call is always given three times in a row …and making false cries is a federal offence. Hence, only one MAYDAY! Okay, two.)

I want to talk about so many things right now. I guess that’s the punishment for taking a sabbatical; instead of writer’s block, I get road-runner doing laps in my brain.

Speaking of road-runner, Daniel and I are two weeks out from out first marathon. The Honolulu Marathon is December 8th. We have been training for the last 16 weeks and have worked up to 20 miles, which for us is, well, TWENTY-MILES!!!!!! It has been a great experience for us both, but unfortunately not all fun. I’ve been plagued with a nasty hip injury so my training as been tweaked a little. I took two weeks off of running at the 10 week training mark to let my hip heal while spinning round-and-round on the elliptical. You thought running was boring … try doing 15 miles on that. The good news was, my hip got well so I went back to running for 3 weeks and now it’s worse than the first time. Now I’m just cross-training, foam rolling, and stretching like crazy until race-day! I’m still thrilled that we will have accomplished a major New Year’s Resolution together. Come to think of it we are on track to fulfill 3 resolutions.

Last January, Daniel said he wanted to get his MBA – and we wrote it down (well, I did). Three months later, he was enrolled in classes and today is in his third of eight semesters at the UNC Chapel Hill. He’s kind of a big deal. Aside from the marathon, and school, we are also learning Spanish! Slowly, but surely we are chipping away at the Rosetta Stone. Our goal is to be ordering the last two learning cds by July of 2014. This time next year, I will be writing you in español. I guess that means you should start practicing too. Any-hoo, GO US. I think we have had a successful first year in Hawaii, and more importantly an exciting first year of marriage!

Over the next few posts I will be reflecting a little on the last several months, mostly in pictures though so hopefully it won’t be terribly boring.

November 2013

2013 Triple Crown Surf Competition, Haleiwa

As for big updates in my life … check out my new “about me” page!

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