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rack of ‘Lamb of God’

Happy Easter!!

Daniel got home from a month long training assignment in Germany last night! You didn’t know he was gone? Well, then I did a good job keeping it quiet. I don’t like to advertise when he’s away. Too many Law & Order episodes I guess. But now he is home and back on poop detail until further notice. Poop detail meaning he picks up after Charlie. Needless to say, I am very glad to be relieved of that chore.

Speaking if pick up duty: I picked Daniel up last night from the Honolulu airport, and, both starving, we headed straight to dinner in Haleiwa – the town just about 2 miles from our home. The place is called LueBuenos and it is as non-paleo as you can get (Lent officially ended on Holy Thursday, followed by a Good Friday fast, and Eat Your Heart Out Saturday.) So, naturally, we kicked off dinner with some delicious chips and salsa. I ordered Ahi sashimi served with the previously forbidden soy sauce while Daniel had some smothered scallops with rice, beans, and tortillas. The pictures are on his iPhone… bummer! You can take my word for it, the presentation was pretty! We skipped the booze since we were both super tired, but we’ve made a note to go back just for some of their good-looking drinks!

This morning we went for a quick run before the world’s longest Easter mass of chatty children and cramped quarters. Unfortunately, I don’t think either of us heard the homily over the noisy kiddos and our grumbling bellies. But that’s okay – because mass isn’t all about the readings and homily… Don’t get me wrong, they’re important, but mass is even more so about joining in the celebration of the Eucharist (receiving the transformed Body and Blood of Christ). The part of mass I have always anticipated most is when the priest says, “Behold the Lamb of God. Behold He who takes away the sins of the world. Blessed are those who are called to the supper of the Lamb.” It is such a beautiful reminder that we are not worthy but by His grace we are sufficient. Oh, and is anyone still wondering why Lamb is a traditional Easter protein?! Anyway, after we fueled up with our catholic food and drink we jetted home to watch Duke! ….lose to Louisville. Boo.

Following a bad game, I whipped up a batch of yogurt fruit dip for my good friend Sarah’s baby shower.

Then, I went to the baby shower while Daniel began prepping, jet lagged, for his first day of graduate school! I am so proud of him for becoming a member of the UNC Kenan Flagler family!

After the shower, I had to make quick work of figuring out how to roast a rack of lamb in my janky oven. Fortunately, I had some help from Ina Garten – my kitchen idol. This recipe is great! However, I hardly used any olive oil and instead if pouring butter on the crust, I put a very thin layer of Dijon mustard directly on the fatty side after it baked for 10 min and before packing on the herb/crumb spread. You couldn’t taste the Dijon but it helped the mixture stick without unneeded fat. I mean, the rack is flabby enough on top as it was! Oh, I also added fresh thyme along with the parsley. I just love fresh thyme!

Rack of Lamb of God

I did a lot of research on cooking times before I popped the rack in the oven. Since Ina’s recipe called for multiple racks I was concerned I would over-cook mine by using her suggested times. I pulled the lamb out 3 minutes prior to suggested time and ended up having to put it back in, twice! Next time I make it I’ll follow her times precisely … Maybe even add a minute or so. I don’t do well-done meat. We both prefer it med-rare… but not bah-hhhing still. We were pretty close to eating LIVEstock tonight. Flavor was spot on though! It’s definitely a make-again meal.

However, I’ll have to think of a different name next time because I decided it may only be called Rack of ‘Lamb of God’ if made it on Easter Sunday. 🙂


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