bye-bye temporary lodging

The internet resurfaced momentarily so I’ve seized the opportunity to share an update on the last couple days AND experiment with some different picture gallery frames. Thoughts? I think the tiled format is pretty cool, only I can’t figure out why they are MASSIVE if you’re on a computer. Hopefully I’ll figure out how to tone them down soon. I’ve still included captions in the tiled frames, but to see them you have to hover over the photos. Speaking of photos … our wedding pictures were released to us on in a link on Friday! The faulty web connection has made it frustrating to try to click through them all, but we’re very pleased by what we’ve seen so far. I’m sure I’ll provide a sneak peak in the near future.

After maple-soy sauce chicken on Wednesday, and teriyaki chicken on Thursday, we still hadn’t satisfied our asian-infused palates. So Friday we repeated date night (for the fifth time) at Kuru Kuru Sushi. Gosh I love that place. I’m usually not big on visiting the same restaurant over and over, but since we are moving north tomorrow morning, we wanted to squeeze in one last walkable visit. I mean, it’s not like we’re moving that far away – we are on a tiny island. But the three minute walk will turn into a thirty minute drive.

The first time we went, Daniel “tried” the spam sushi just to say he did it. Friday night he got it again which means one thing. He likes it! I tried it this time too – it’s not half bad. Kind of tastes like a saltier/greasier hotdog. Oh and they also have hotdog sushi. Weird. I prefer the unprocessed sushi rolls. Specifically, eel and tuna tar-tar. Poke (poh-keh) is a native hawaiian appetizer, or pupu (tee-hee). It can be prepared with all sorts of seafood, however ahi poke (the watermelon looking cubes pictured above) is extremely popular.

Charlie has been giving and receiving lots of love the past couple of days. What a sweet puppy. Daniel and I were just talking about what a cultured pup he is too. In his short life of three and a half years he has lived in eight residences and five kennels – some great, some from hell. You know, reading that back to myself, it sounds terrible. I promise we’re excellent doggy parents. We have even gotten him vaccinated for leptospirosis, a common (and deadly to pets) bacteria typically found in stagnant water where mice and other wildlife relieve themselves. Ew. Hawaii has the highest number of cases in the US because of the climate. Oh, humans can contract leptospirosis too. However, if treated promptly with proper medication, is usually not life-threatening. Comforting, huh? Anyway, Charlie gets his vaccine booster on Wednesday, which is very exciting for the whole family since he will finally be able to join us for beach frolicking!

Other than loving on Charlie, this weekend has been occupied with a couple trips to our new house to deep clean and prepare for the delivery of all of our things tomorrow morning – so exciting! I have a feeling we’ll be playing a lot of tetris trying to make our things that once filled a 1200 sq ft home fit inside 600 sq ft. We’re up for the challenge.

4 thoughts on “bye-bye temporary lodging

  1. I like the format; on ipad when you tap the picture the caption comes up. One could pull a Mr Blutarsky pretty easily on that serving line. Does that first roll say “Product of Major League Baseball”, probably a foul ball.

  2. Ask Christina about leptospirosis.
    I had a yummy sushi salad recipe to pass along but looks like you’re in your groove! What I wouldn’t give for fresh fish…..

    • Hah! Christina told me all about her near death experience with lepto – that’s how I learned humans could contract it too. Scary! Also, I’d LOVE your sushi salad recipe. We haven’t done sushi at home yet, so ill take all the tips I can get. (;

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