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Naan Pesto Pizza

Happy Friday! I consulted Google for some fun facts about pizza because I assumed that in America Friday was the most popular day of the week for it. Turns out it’s actually Saturday, so that doesn’t really support my Friday pizza theme. Oh well. I did find out that Americans eat 100 acres of pizza per year or 57 square miles according to this guy. I’m not really why he thought to measure pizza in miles, but I’m okay with it.

Without having gone to the grocery store in over a week, my fridge is looking pretty scarce – especially to my husband who isn’t cool with eating this kale salad mix from Costco every single night. Why not, I’ll never know.

Any-hoo, I had to get creative to come up with something that would satisfy a my man’s appetite. I usually prefer a to make a much lighter menu, but it’s fun to occasionally go off the deep end and not worry about how to substitute applesauce for butter, or black beans for chocolate (gasp!)

So, what better than pizza? Problem was, we didn’t have any crust, and definitely no active dry yeast lying around to make our own. What we did have, though, was some leftover naan in the freezer. That’ll work. Unfortunately we didn’t have any tomato sauce either. Upon this realization, I started to question my choice. Then I recalled a half jar of pesto hidden behind God knows what in the fridge. Most grown-ups I know really like pesto, although I happen to know that Daniel finds it a little overpowering. I also know that “creamy pesto” sounds like something he’d go for so I did what any other normal person would do an mixed it with cream cheese. What in the what?! I have to say, while I cannot stand cream cheese on it’s own, this combo is pretty freaking tasty. The pesto was pleasantly muted and that gross cream cheese tang was eliminated completely.

Here is how it all comes together:

First preheat your oven to 400 degrees. (I wish I knew how to make the degrees symbol.) While the oven is heating, prepare your toppings. For this, just look in your bottom fridge drawers for any lonely leftover veggies. In my case, the broccoli was beginning to look pretty sad. I also had a handful of grape tomatoes and three little prosciutto/cheese roll-up things that needed to be eaten. I hate to waste food, so really anything goes. I also added some bacon because everything’s better with bacon as far as Daniel is concerned. To top it off — goat cheese. I’ve tried a lot, I mean, a lot of goat cheese brands. Humble ol’ Kirkland brand is by far my top choice. Creamy, salty, heaven.

So now that you’ve decided on toppings, throw your naan (plain) directly on the oven rack for about 5 minutes. This way, when you cook your topped pizza, the crust will come out at the perfect firmness/crispiness without burning the add-ons. Next spread a generous layer of the secret sauce, followed by whatever variety of partially spoiled veggies/meats/moldy cheeses you rescued from being thrown away. Sounds yummy, right? Hey, a penny saved… Toss it back in the 400 degree oven for 5-10 minutes, take lots of pictures, and dig in.

Precise nutritional information is not available, but on a scale of take a brisk walk to go for a run … here is a link to sign up for the Honolulu Marathon. Hope you had an awesome Friday!

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