San Francisco!

Aloha Peeps,

It’s official. It’s finally happening. After twelve years of military service (eight post-graduate), Daniel will be a civilian! Welcome back to the dark side, honey.

He is finishing up his MBA in less than 6 weeks – that was crazy fast – and has just accepted a job in San Francisco, scheduled to start in June! We are SO excited for this next adventure in one of the coolest cities of all time. At least that what I’ve heard through the grapevine. Speaking of grapes, I have a feeling I will be consuming a lot of them while in California… of the liquid variety. san franOur time in Hawaii is dwindling quickly – just four short months left! We feel blessed to have had the first two and half years of our marriage here yet are thrilled to move closer (even ever so slightly) to our family and friends! Given the fact that space is a luxury on Oahu – even in the “country,” our transition to shoe-box city living won’t be shocking. Many of your know that Barcelona is my favorite city on earth, and Daniel tells me that San Fran reminds him of Barcelona in the way that there is so much going on. At the very least I’m stoked to be moving to a big walk-able (albeit hilly!!) city. If given the opportunity, I’d ditch driving entirely.

As far as work for me goes, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what the next phase has in store. I’d be lying if I told your I wasn’t spending a lot of time on indeed.com. Although jumping career-ships because of our wandering military life isn’t always easy or fun, it has provided me with the confidence to explore new opportunities. I’m thankful for that!

More to come as the adventure develops. In the meantime, any San Fran experts? We know practically zero things. Importantly, we will be looking for a place to live in or around the city with a large dog. If we stop feeding him now …


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