The Power

Today’s a good day, for no particular reason other than I decided it was/is. I may have also had some influence from a little book by the name of The Power by Rhonda Byrne who helped me arrive at this conclusion. When I got home from work today the power was out for no apparent reason. No, literally, the power – not The Power. I figured it was a rather appropriate time to park my rear on the couch and read. I’m one of those love-to-read-self-help/motivational/business-book freaks, so this one is especially up my alley. It was given to me by a friend at work who has read the series including The Secret (#1), The Power (#2) and The Magic (#3) – I’ve been told order doesn’t matter. Anyhow, it’s been an easy read thus far, and the authors suggestions about the power of your feelings and over your feelings seems to resonate with me.

It’s hard to believe I’m approaching one year already in the business of real estate. As with any 100% commission occupations, there are highs and lows, slow weeks, and slammed weeks, and lots and lots and lots of immediate feedback. Thickens your skin, that’s for sure! Learning to play the “numbers game” is a new skill for me. Furthermore, learning how to manage and respond to the 9 rejections that leads to the 1 “let’s make a deal” is shaping me in ways I never imagined. Who knew that all that rejection could be turned into excitement because the YES is getting closer?! And when the YES arrives, it’s an immediate boost in confidence and that feels AMAZING, like really truly amazing.

Though my dad had always encouraged my siblings and me to consider a sales role early in our professions, I couldn’t have known the wisdom in that suggestion before actually doing it. In fact, I’d say my whole life has been played, almost scripted in a way, to avoid rejection – to shield against any feelings of disappointment from bosses, coaches, mentors, but mostly from myself. Slowly but surely I am beginning to actually choose to step outside my comfort zone. Just a little bit people, let’s not get crazy! Most successful people understand that taking calculated risks are a necessary part of doing business (and living a full life in general). I guess I missed the math class on how to calculate risk, because I seem a little late to the game. But at least I’m playing now! I’ve always been a goal-setter, but a conservative goal-setter. Because, you know, who wants to fall short of their goals? Setting them high would mean I’d have to do uncomfortable, dare I say risky, things to achieve them.

So, armed with a vision of success and the power of positive of feelings, what is the riskiest thing I am doing today? Picking up the phone. No, not to get on Facebook or to check the status of my Amazon packages (I’ve obviously already done those things) – I am actually making phone calls. Daring! I can craft an email like nobody’s business, but the phone… ah! I know there are sales people everywhere who can relate to this. If you think it’s easy and have mastered your calling skills, please, please call to help me – I promise I will not treat you like you’re the IRS calling to collect.

I truly believe in the power of attraction and the power of love that Rhonda Brynes speaks of. I’m not far enough along to know the source of love in her opinion, but I believe the power and source of love is from God. After all, he IS love. He knows the desires of our hearts, and if we live out our days in love and with love for other people, what reason do we have to feel afraid of rejection? With love, He will satisfy the desires of our hearts, in ways we can’t yet know. He is the Power, and I intend to harness it.

Here’s to good days ahead!

3 thoughts on “The Power

  1. You’re so good with words. The author should be thanking you for the positive review. It’s got me eager to read! I purchased the first book a long time ago and like most things I plan to do in free time I never got to it. Now I’ll start!

  2. Such strong wisdom here, Abbs! Have you heard of the song “You Make Me Brave” by Bethel Music? Check it out 😉 And while you’re picking up the phone these days, why don’t you give ya girl a call?? I don’t need a house, but I do miss my friend. Haha love you!!!

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