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St. Augustine and Pre-race Swag

The other day I called upon the saints for some divine intervention on my hip. Today I got a couple of blessings. First, I got some education on KT tape and Phiten technology at the pre-race expo. After sporting some new phiten stickers and KT tape all day, I have to say I feel a little better! Might be placebo, but I’ll take whatever I can get at this point. We are down to the wire! T-minus 6 hours till my alarm goes off … at 3:15am.

The second blessing I received today was a literal one – well actually, two. Daniel and I went to mass at St. Augustine by the Sea in Waikiki tonight; it was awesome. At the end of mass, the priest had all of the WWII vets stand up in honor of the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. There was one man standing. Amazing to think the youngest vet would be about 87 years old! Then the priest had all of the marathon runners stand and we were granted a special blessing and thanked for being a symbol to the rest of the parish to “stay in the race.” Hadn’t thought of my running as inspiring someone else in their spiritual journey, so that’s kind of a cool connection. But wait, there’s more! I’m thankful we didn’t do the naughty Catholic dine-and-dash after the Eucharist this week because what was even better than the marathon blessing was final powerful blessing.

“May God be above you to inspire you, and beneath you to support you. May He be ahead of you to guide you, behind you to protect you, and alongside you to be your companion.” We were both very touched by this blessing, especially pre-race!

Final thanks to so many of you for your encouragement this last week! If you want to see how we’re plodding along tomorrow you can download the Honoulu Marathon App or look for us on Honolulu Marathon website. To track us, we are bib numbers 14704 (me) and 14705 (Daniel)!

Keep sending good hip vibes my way and I’ll be providing a reviews of KT & Phiten swag after the race. Speaking of swag, check out my new pink panther suit!

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