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Patron Saint of Hips

Some of you may know that I have a very special friend and guardian angel, St. Anthony. He’s quite good at locating my lost belongings, but he hasn’t been much help with my healing my hip. Therefore, I am calling upon the patron St. of hip ailments tonight. Is there such a Saint?

I wrote about be a little nervous last night – today I am more than nervous … I am injured and totally bummed. I haven’t run in almost 3 weeks in an effort to rectify what ever the heck has been going on with my hip/glute/groin. Instead, I have been feeling about 60% in my cross-training workouts. It hasn’t hurt like running, but I notice that something doesn’t feel quite normal. Today I took it extra easy and just went on a little walk. I was planning on about 5 miles, but after 2 my hip was really not happy – so unhappy that jogging actually felt better than walking. Until I stopped. Holy smokes.

When I got home, I did some more research and this guy does a pretty good job (he at least sounds like he knows what he’s talking about) of explaining what my hip feels like. After watching this video I am about 80% sure I have the bursitis on the outer hip and tendonitis on the hip flexor area. I think I would know if I had a stress fracture. In addition, I also feel a constant ache directly over-top my hip bone. Like most runners, I do glute strengthening to prevent a jiggly pirformis, plus stretching and foam rolling. I’m running out of solutions!

Now I don’t expect that this post is at all interesting to you, but I just want to make sure every Saint and angel knows the specifics so they can get to work on quickly putting me back together.

Enough complaining! Contrary to what you may think, today wasn’t a complete bust.

I got to enjoy an early cup of coffee with Daniel and some pretty awesome scenery.

4 thoughts on “Patron Saint of Hips

  1. ugh. i’ve battled the hippity hips in the past, still not really sure what “caused” it other than genetics/overuse. “weak glutes” is the most common cause i hear, which you’ve obviously already looked into. feel better!

  2. Any solutions or answers or prayers? My sister is going through the same thing. She thinks she is alone at her age of 40. She’s had hip issues since 35

    • Chiropractic + physical therapy helps me tremendously! I made sure to find a chiropractor who took a wholistic approach, as he was able to do some pressure point therapy as well. My issues actually started in my neck and the misalignment there trickled down to hips. I still have to be careful not to overtrain, but the combo of professional help made a world of difference. Good luck to your sister.

      • Thank you so much. This answers my question about continuing chiropractic therapy for my holistic approach. My sister is having better times and at this moment seems to be sleeping way better than last night. I’m very glad to hear you are doing better as well! Thank you for sharing your helpful blog!

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