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Daniel and I have had a big weekend. Even though we were tuckered out from Thanksgiving, we made our way downtown last night to attend the West Point Society’s beat Hawaii cocktail mixer/pep rally. The event details online said “doors open at 6:30” so we figured arriving around 7:15 was no big deal. Wrong. We missed most of the food and all of the “pep” except for this somewhat weak attempt ….


Army cheerleaders having some trouble engaging the chatty alumni.

We did have an opportunity to mingle with some old grads which was neat. Daniel was expecting to recognize at least a couple people, maybe old teachers, or classmates, or work acquaintances, but he didn’t. Funnily enough, I actually recognized someone – he bought sessions from another personal trainer at the gym where I used to work. I didn’t know him personally, only the occasional smile and hello so it was nice to have the chance to make a more formal introduction.

Things were winding down pretty much from the moment we arrived so it wasn’t long before we had to hunt down some food. We settled on a tiny sushi restaurant where we were greeted in Japanese – that’s always a good indication you’re at a yummy spot. It was in the heart of downtown though so one piece of tuna nigiri was $5.50 which is problematic because I can eat my weight in sushi. Since I wasn’t about to spend $70+ to get my fill of nigiri, I opted for some pretty generic sushi rolls and Daniel settled on spring rolls and miso soup. I give it three stars. The taste was very good, however we felt like it was way overpriced and the presentation was kind of pathetic. You can’t see from the photo, but it looked like a three year old rolled my sushi.

late night date night

late night date night

This morning we got up in time to hit the gym before the ultimate SEC rivalry aired. My mom is a die hard Alabama fan – perhaps the biggest fan that ever lived – while my sister and her husband went to Auburn. You can imagine how heated the house gets during game time. Let’s just say my mom wasn’t in the best of moods following the upset. What a finish for Auburn! The highlights will be reeling for days so don’t worry if you missed the 100+ yard field goal return with :01 seconds on the clock. No one saw that coming!

Of course, nothing says saturday football like good food. And nothing says good food quite like Thanksgiving leftovers. I also made one of my recent favorites – pumpkin oatmeal.

Pumpkin Oatmeal: You can change the ratios of ingredients to suit your preferences. The only direction is to cook your oats according the package instructions. I put all ingredients in at the same time and cook as directed.

  • steel cut oats
  • pumpkin puree
  • splenda
  • cinnamon
  • cloves
  • nutmeg
  • salt

After we loaded ourselves down we had to get our minds right for the Army vs Hawaii game which we actually made it to in the flesh! We had lots of fun spending time with some of our new friends, and it was a good effort on Army’s part. They couldn’t quite pull it out against the Rainbow Warriors who were an impressive 0-11 going into the game. Congrats on your first win, Hawaii. Army is a charitable team.

Beat Navy.

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