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north shore field trip

After a disappointing loss to Navy today, we needed a dose of vitamin D to boost our spirits. We headed to the North Shore again – this time to feel the sand beneath our feet. And to check out a rental property directly across the street from the beach. Where do we sign??

this way to ocean view

this way to the ocean

Do you sea what I sea?

Do you sea what I sea?



We took a 45 minute walk at a 45 degree angle on the soft sand. Killer but beautiful. On our route we encountered a gorgeous three-foot sea turtle. You know, one that looked like to Crush from “Finding Nemo.” What an amazing creature!! Unfortunately, I had taken my camera back to the car for our walk. Never again.

After our beach fix, we drove into the main drag for some window shopping and food. One of my friends told me about a smoothie shop where you can get acai bowls – found it! I hope it’s not possible to OD on antioxidants. Between my purple sweet potato fix and acai bowls I could be in serious trouble. Can you tell Daniel loves being the backdrop of all my food shots??

acai extravaganza

Although Daniel liked the acai bowl, he didn’t exactly count it as food. I swear he can sniff out a burger joint from a mile away. It was an awesome sight, and it tasted just as good – Trip Advisor thinks so too.

at least it's served with a carrot

at least it’s served with a carrot

Now we’re home. And, as promised, here is our lovely little tree.

tree lighting ceremony

tree lighting ceremony

We strung lights this afternoon and realized we shorted ourselves on the big bulbs, meaning another scavenger hunt for anything that glows. The imperfectly hung (and eclectic) lights help make these cinderblock walls feel a little cozier. Thanks to my mom, we also have a pile unopened ornaments laying under the tree. I think we will start opening them soon so we can enjoy them this year!

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