lame Sunday fun day

Today was almost too boring to report. Almost. 20121202-202957.jpg We started the morning by parting ways with Marty (Daniel’s Subaru). Daniel’s parents are going to take care of it for the next three years. Be safe Marty!

Next we celebrated the first Sunday of Advent at the Tucson Cathedral. I really wanted to snap a picture of the beautiful Advent wreath with it’s four candles, but I thought it might’ve been inappropriate mid-mass.

The end.

That was it for events and food was even less noteworthy … unless you get excited about smoothies like I do.

I stuck to my Sunday after-mass treat from Jamba Juice. I never order the same thing when I go because honestly I can never remember what I had the time before. Whatever I get, though, I ask for non-dairy, no powders, and no add ins – just frozen fruit, juice, and ice. Oh so good! Doing it this way also cuts about 75-150 calories out depending on the smoothie. With those savings, I upgrade from “Sixteen” to the “Original” size which is 24 ounces of fruit heaven.
I can’t think of anything else to talk about, unless you want a recap on today’s NFL games or Daniel’s fantasy football stats.

We are looking forward to getting out of this airport hotel. Hawaii bound in exactly 12 hours!!

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