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5 “must-haves” in San Francisco

After two whole months in San Francisco, we’re pretty much experts ready to impart the inter-web with our infinite wisdom. So, if you’re planning to visit and/or move here this is what you need to bring with you.

1. A pair of Nike Frees, just do it.

One of my favorite things about living in San Francisco is being able to walk (virtually) everywhere. This means that comfortable shoes are an absolute must. No problemo – you’ll never, EVER, hear me complain about needing to stock up on some new kicks! I’ve even adopted the dress + Nikes look on my walk to work – not my best ensemble but certainly my most comfy. The Nike Free team has the second largest bandwagon in the city. Do your feet a favor and hop on!

2. A Giants Hat, to be a local, do as the locals do.

Speaking big bandwagons, the San Francisco Giants, take the cake. You can order your hat here. At first I thought it was going to seem a little gimmicky to walk around with our Giants apparel. Quite the contrary – joke’s on you if you don’t have the swag. Even casual fans like me get sucked in and ignited by the sports energy (and fanatical fans) here – it truly is electric! If you want to enjoy yourself at any bar in the city, showing your SF pride will give you instant friend appeal with your local pub-mates.

3. A Vest, and a scarf, and a tank top.

One day some guy designing coats was like, “I’m going to make a really warm, puffy, down jacket … and then cut off the sleeves.” His boss probably thought he’d lost his mind until Northface, Patagonia, and Eddie Bauer validated his vision by ordering millions of them for San Francisco residents. The sleeveless jacket has become a daily given, so the only other decision is whether to go with two or three layers underneath!

4. Lots of Appskeep it on the down-load.

There is an app for just about everything here. The most important ones revolve around transportation and food, obvi. Uber, of course, is not unique to San Francisco, but it is essential here. It’s not enough that someone in your friend group has the app – you need it too. Same goes for Lyft, the Uber runner-up that sometimes has better pricing or quicker pick-up. Both run great promos where it’s not uncommon to snag rides for $7 anywhere in the city. As for food, there are a few food delivery companies are all the rave – Caviar, Munchery, and Sprig. Check them out!

New to Uber or Lyft? Download the app and use these codes to get a free ride.

Uber: abbeyj47ue   Lyft: abbey467513

Once you’ve had your first ride, you’ll get your own code to share. For every person that uses your code, you get a free ride too! Winning.

5. A Dogdog walkers are in vogue too.

In the city, taking the dog out means going to the dog park for some greenery. Making time in the morning or after work to bundle up and hit the pavement seems like, and often is, a complete drag. The silver lining that the dog park is full of lots of great dog owners in the same boat, eager to chat while the dogs take care of business. In fact, last night Daniel and I went to a rooftop BBQ with some new friends we met through our dogs. Finding good friends in a new city can be daunting, but in lieu of kids, dogs are incredible icebreakers.

Love to hear what else you’d add to this list!

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