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Maybe it’s the fact that in the last six months Daniel and I hopped to another island, or that I took a personal R&R to Nashville and Indiana, or that one of my best friends just came to visit, or perhaps it’s the sunny whether, or maybe, just maybe it’s that Daniel and I are finally settling nicely into our life on Oahu … whatever it is, I’ve been feeling inspired. Inspired to be outdoors more, inspired to leave my phone behind (despite desperately wanting pictures) when we go to the beach, inspired to actually get in the ocean (and swim!), inspired to get back to making real food as opposed to throwing whatever random assortment of food I have in the fridge on a plate and calling it dinner, inspired to do more appreciating of the time we have here, and yes, inspired to blog again.

I’m not going to pressure myself to blog daily though, because let’s face it, some evenings I’d rather be watching the new season of 24 with Daniel than burying my head in the computer. Please tell me you’re watching the new season of 24. I say “new season” as if I am a seasoned viewer. In fact, it’s my very first season of 24, and I am addicted. It’s even better than, dare I say … Law and Order SVU. There, I said it. I’m cheating on Detective Stabler with Jack Bauer … and I like it.

Hmmm, I guess this is what happens when you don’t blog for a while. My stream of consciousness is overriding my very thoughtful plan to re-assimilate into the blogging world.

So, where were we? I think I was going to share some photos of our semi-recent inspired life on an island, starting with a trip we took to another island, the Big Island, in February to visit my cousin’s family with the special purpose of introducing ourselves to their new baby! We spent the first few days of our trip working our way to Kona where we stayed at the Big Island Retreat – a boutique hotel just getting started with amazing rooms and an incredible owner, Randy. The prices are very reasonable too. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a Kona vacation! We also experienced our first shaved ice. It’s about time! On our way to Kona we stopped at Volcanoes National Park to see some craters and some smoke blow holes (I can’t remember what they are really called) and to walk through old tubes in the earth that lava used to pulse through. Weird! For me, lava is nature’s strangest phenomenon. Then we had one more stop for a tour at Ka’u Coffee Mill which is rivaling Kona coffee as Hawaii’s best coffee. After Kona we headed across Mars (I swear that’s what it looks like on the drive) to get to Hilo where were graciously hosted by cousin’s family, got to know their newest edition, and enjoyed whale watching & waves from the black sea walls.

Fast forward a month and I was able to travel home to Nashville for a work convention and some much overdue time with family and friends. In a short week I was able to spend quality time in Nashville with my parents, sister, brother, and friends from high school, followed by time in Indiana with girlfriends from college and former co-workers. I took a day trip with my parents to the Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, TN where we got to hang out in the Squires room because my Dad and Daniel are JD Squires. Pretty cool!

Before the whole spring flew by, Daniel and I sprung out for “Paint the Night Away” at a historic sugar mill just a mile up the road. Whose painting is whose? I think I used “who” properly… you tell me.

Sounds cliche, but we’ve come to realize that a night out like is the sort of thing that makes us appreciate the community where we live. With the exception of being far from downtown and the battling the constant traffic for work, we love living in our small quiet place on the north shore. You may recall my criticism last year about our critter-friendly dwelling, but we’ve managed to get that under control, and are starting to coexist with the occasional lizard who finds it’s way inside. We also have wonderful neighbors who we have slowly, but thankfully, gotten to know.

Before I “write the night away,” it’s time to close. Next catch up post will cover Clarisa’s visit and my Mr. Latte…

2 thoughts on “Inspired

  1. Love the picture of the lava tube, and of course, the ones of my lil baby 🙂 We can’t wait for him to see you two again!

  2. Woohoo! Glad you are back, and isn’t Mr. Latte just the cutest! I am so excited about our trip and visiting with you both, and seeing our grand doggie Charlie! Love you. Hawaii ready or not we will be seeing you in a couple of weeks!

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