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sunday, done day

This morning, Daniel and I woke to the sound of dog barking. Hey, whoever you are in room 210, could you kindly muzzle your pooch? Anyway, awake with coffee in hand, we activated our wifi hotspots to do some morning craigslist car shopping. Looks like Charlie-boy found an hotspot of his own.

cool tile, hot sun, happy dog

cool tile, hot sun, happy dog

Before I go too far, might I just add that the wifi hotspot is an ingenious invention. Thank you, iPhone technology. It has made a world of difference in this hotel with very janky internet. Even with a stellar internet connection, we got tired of the unfruitful car search, so we headed to the gym for another sweaty one.

Is it weird that my shins sweat excessively?

Is it weird that my shins sweat excessively?

You may recall the dijon-white wine vinegar marinaded chicken I made for dinner the other night. Since cooking for two often leaves plenty of leftovers, we get creative. These leftover chicken, chicken wraps were the perfect lunch post work-out! You could do this with any leftover protein you have.

repurposed chicken

repurposed chicken

You’ll need:

2 tortillas (I normally buy the low-carb wheat, but Daniel likes the good ole’ fashioned flour ones)
2 slices mozzarella cheese
leftover chicken sliced and nuked for about 45 seconds or until warm (if you have any leftover onions, peppers, mushrooms, etc. just nuke it all together)

Lay the tortillas on a large microwaveable plate. Spread a tiny bit of butter or olive oil on the tortillas. Add one slice of cheese to each round and layer on the re-heated chicken and vegetables. Put the entire plate back in the microwave for 10-20 seconds or until the cheese is melted. That’s it.

Whenever I store leftovers, I always save any juices from the cooking by just pouring them right into the tupperware with everything else. That way, when you reheat your food it will stay moist. Plus, this time the juices made for a perfect and effortless sauce to drizzle on the fajitas wraps!

Finally, I wanted to share this cool text message from my sister-in-law this afternoon. Check it out! Doesn’t her rendition of the recipe I posted the other day look AMAZING?? It looks like she used a whole grain dijon instead of the smooth stuff – good idea! It looks so rustic and yummy. I want a bite. Thanks for sharing, Andrea!

sister-in-law's recreation: less broccoli, sub asparagus. YUM.

sister-in-law’s recreation: less broccoli, sub asparagus. YUM.

Tonight at mass, we gave thanks for the countless blessings we’ve received in 2012. What a year it’s been! Now that the last Sunday of the year is done, it’s time to let the New Year festivities begin!

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