mo mochi, please

You may have noticed that it’s been two whole days since my last update. Computer priority has gone to house-hunting and updating my resume. Plus I’ve been cashing in late night blog-time for some extra zzz’s. Burning the midnight oil has finally caught up to me. Anyway, I’m back and instead of recapping the missed days, I’ll skip to the current stuff.

This morning I took advantage of some of the resources for Army Spouses on post, and I attended a Career Orientation Workshop ‘fo free’ as Daniel likes to say. I also discovered a computer lab set aside exclusively for non-service member spouses. Jackpot!

After the workshop, Daniel and I finished our Christmas shipping. Yes, shipping. Everyone’s getting a coconut bra because you can fit like ten of them in a flat-rate box.

Not much else happened today except Date Night. We enjoyed our previous experience as Kuru-Kuru Sushi, so we did it again. At 6:30 the place was slammed already – full of very local patrons if you catch my drift. Let’s just say we were the minority by, um, everyone else. Never-the-less, we added our name to the mile-long list and headed to a bar around the corner for a drink while we waited for a table.

the not so tini martini

the not so tini martini

If you’re a martini lover, then you have way more class and sophistication than I do. I’d rather drink motor oil. This skinny-girl (I LOVE BETHENNY) cucumber peach sake martini sounded de-lish but ended up as yet another failed attempt to acquire a taste for the glamorous drink. In my opinion, martinis leave everything to be desired… including my money back. With refunds off the table, Daniel and I decided to sip then chase it with his Sapporo beer. I think we just invented the Martini-Sapporo-Slammer.

Post slam-session, we went back to the restaurant, and found out we had missed our reservation! Nothing to do other than re-add our name to the list that was now at least a mini marathon long. But it was worth the wait. Where else can you try SPAM sushi?



SPAM is considered a delicacy of sorts here. You even pay extra for it on menus. It’s like upgrading from fries to onion rings. You can get beef … or pay $1 more and get SPAM!

mo mochi, please

mo mochi, please

I aslo got some mochi, a slightly sweet japanese style rice cake traditionally filled with red bean paste. I know it sounds atrocious but it is divine – especially at Kuru Kuru. They’re pretty gummy but worth the chew.
deep(fried) donut danger

deep(fried) donut danger

We finished off the evening with some deep friend donuts from the martini bar. These things are deadly – all donuts are made to order so they come out hot hot hot. The waitress brought our box to the table open because they “needed to breathe.” I guess donuts are now in the same category as wine. I’m okay with that. I’ll take a glass of Long John please.

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