Breakfast Pizza

We all know that pizza is acceptable at every meal, even breakfast. When I was little there was something almost naughty about pizza for breakfast, but it didn’t stop me. The best way to enjoy it? Cold, covered in yellow mustard, and topped with grated Parmesan cheese. Might sound awful, but oh my gosh… We don’t order a lot of delivery so leftover pizza isn’t common around here, but fresh pizza definitely is.

Whenever I go to the store, I look for pre-made pizza crust on sale. The last two times, I’ve had coupons for Mama Mary’s pizza crust, which is our favorite. We like to buy the 7″ thin and crispy kind which lends 130 calories and just 4 grams of fat per half crust. You’ll have to practice some self control because it is tempting to polish off the whole pie (which Daniel proudly accomplishes every time).

There are soooo many different ways to top a pizza. And there are sure to be numerous pizza posts in the future. Some of the recent favorites are BBQ Chicken, Taco Pizza, Prosciutto w/white Sauce, and drum roll please…. Breakfast Pizza (pictured). I must be honest and tell you that I discovered this be default. We didn’t have any bread for toast and I didn’t want to serve eggs only (how boring!) I was lucky to find the last crust buried in our cold cut tray in the fridge – we refridgerate bready items to extend their life a little.

I also had a tomato which was on the verge of defeat so, sneakily, I lightly buttered the crust and layered slices of tomato for the base, in lieu of sauce. Then I popped the crust in the oven on 425 for 4 minutes while I scrambled the last 2 eggs with a teaspoon or so of milk, salt, and pepper. When the eggs scrambled, yet ever so slightly underdone, I pulled the crust from the oven, topped with the eggs, a slice of prosciutto (instead of bacon because that’s what we had) and a little cheesy goodness. Then all then was left to do was bake for another 3-4 minutes until the crust started to brown and crisp. Added a dollop of salsa and it was time for a balanced, satisfying breakfast pie!


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